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Timeshares on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is lined with great destinations. Each town or city has something a little different to offer travelers. Places such as Seaside, Rockaway Beach, Newport, Coos Bay, and Gold Beach are very popular stops that feature top rate accommodations. Don’t be surprised if upon arrival you decide to extend the length of your stay – may people fall in love with the Oregon Coast.

If you decide to go for an extended stay in this region you may be interested in timeshares. And if you have a preference for the type of lodging for your holiday, you will be pleased to hear that vacation properties in Oregon comes in all different shapes and sizes. The more urban regions boast luxury timeshare resorts and hotel complexes, while the rural areas along the coast feature cabins, campgrounds as well as some RV timeshare sites.

Traveling with Timeshares

When visiting the Oregon Coast, many travelers prefer timeshare resorts – both large and small – because they are often located right on the coastline and offer a wide array of on-site amenities. The beaches and the lush cliffs are perfect for a relaxing and tranquil escape, while the spacious suites, complete with living rooms, full kitchens and marble bathrooms are perfect for a sanctuary from thoughts of the everyday.

Timeshare accommodations can be found for great rates, whereas with hotels you have to worry about accumulating day-to-day bills. And the best way to find a timeshare rental is on the resale market from a current owner. Timeshare owners rent out their resort suites when they cannot go on vacation in any given year, and because they have already paid for the week, they usually only want to cover their maintenance fees for the year. This means that non-owners can enjoy the same terrific cost-savings as owners without any of the commitment.

While many vacationers opt to book a timeshare rental, there are also opportunities to purchase timeshares at various resorts along the Oregon Coast for those who vacation in this region frequently. In fact, right in the middle of Oregon’s 362-mile coastline is a stunning little town called Florence – the perfect place to own a timeshare. Home to the Heceta Head Light, one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world, Florence has the ability to combine the old-town feel of a traditional seaport with the cultural advantages of a small city. As a result, it has seen an enormous boom in tourism in recent years. While you are in Florence, be sure to check out the Sea Lion Caves and the Dunes National Recreation Area.

Oregon Timeshares

The flexibility of timeshares is an attribute that is particularly wonderful in a state like Oregon, which has something different to offer in every season. Many people anticipate the annual southern migration of the gray whales from the Bering Sea and Pacific Coast in the winter. Others prefer the northern migration in the spring with their new babies. You may want to plan a romantic fall getaway to see the sunset from one of the most stunning shorelines on the Pacific. You may find you need to plan a larger excursion in the summer to take in the many sand castle and kite flying festivals on Oregon’s sandy beaches. You can find timeshares that will help you accomplish those dreams and more. Oregon certainly has no shortage of draws in any season. A timeshare just may be your cost effective avenue to enjoying your perfect Oregon vacation every year.







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